Our Story

Hi, we are Muscle Candy!

We're a young company inspired by the dated traditions of the protein supplement market, striving to bring excitement back by using whey protein from UK farms, 100% natural ingredients and delicious flavours. As a result we’ve created the cleanest, best tasting and most naturally delicious whey protein powder on the market – but don’t just take our word for it!

Our natural whey protein blends are naturally low in fat and sugar but high in whey protein, and can be used to increase lean muscle mass, enhance exercise performance and assist with weight management. We use organic whey from the hormone free milk of outdoor-reared grass fed cows, carefully processed to guarantee a clean, natural protein powder with maximum nutritional value.

Discover that superfoods can be super tasty! Our blends are also a source of health-boosting antioxidants like matcha green tea, berries and cacao.
We are proud to be Made in Britain- and we even source our whey protein from UK farms. Say "good-bye" to tasteless, artificial powders on the market and "hello" to a  Clean Label protein with Muscle Candy's range of delicious and 100% natural protein blends.