First day back at the gym 😅. Here's to a year of better habits, clean eating, positive thoughts and most of all loving yourself!!

If you managed to escape the lurgy you were lucky! Everyone had it in my family this year, including me! After not going to the gym for the past couple of weeks and eating my body weight in chocolate, I really want to start the year off with better habits. My new year goal is to attend the gym three times and week and to start a healthy eating diet ready for the Summer 😊.

Once I drop my step-daughter off at school on Wednesday mornings I attend a body pump class and it was great to see so many faces back in the class after the New Year! Today's class focused on building triceps, shoulder's and chest, although I took it easy in the class using lighter weights until I feel 100%. My favourite classes are body pump and HIIT, as I find they suit my body goals the most and have the best results. I am really enjoying learning more about the benefits of fitness and healthy eating in general so I have decided to study for a sports nutrition qualification this year so I will research this later today.

My healthy eating diet includes a mix of high protein and low carb foods, with lots of fruit and veggies! I try not too be too hard on myself I fancy a treat every so often and my guilty pleasures are prosecco, crisps and sweets 😊 although everything in moderation! Below is my eating plan for today, I make sure I plan my meals ahead and have the shopping in for the week at home to avoid temptation: 

Morning- Smoked salmon (using up the left over Christmas food!) and 1 slice of seeded bread...on the go!

Snack (after the gym)- Muscle Candy Chocolate 1 scoop with 200ml milk.

Lunch- Tuna, couscous and avocado salad.

Snack- Carrots and hummus. 

Dinner- Chicken breast, roasted sweet potato and vegetables.

Muscle Candy Chocolate


Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Charlie X


*All my views are my own. If you plan to start a diet consult your doctor. 

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